A little story about Harrison Ford

A few years back I had the opportunity of photographing Harrison Ford.
I was hired by Perth Sunday Times magazine to photograph in Sydney while he was on a press promo tour for an average film but that isn’t the story, here it is in a nut shell.

The shoot was just in a hotel room as per usual, I was the last photographer of the day and given about 7-10 minutes to shoot as it was for a magazine. I setup my three places that I wanted to shoot images for variety as it was a small spread.

He entered the room and was very humble and quiet, he said hello and asked where I wanted him. I showed him my three setups and what they would give me and off we went. I shot very slowly and made sure each capture was carefully measured. In total I got about 30-35 frames which is not very much for three locations in 5×5 square room. When we were done I said thank you very much for giving me the time to which he asked to see my camera and the images shot. I happily shared the back of my camera and upon viewing them his words were. “You know, you have shot the least amount of photos of me than anyone else today but you have the best photos because you took your time and paid attention to me and what you were doing”
I again said thank you very much we shook hands and he departed, quickly after that the publicist came running back into the room and said “wow you’re lucky, he didn’t speak to another photographer all day nor look at any of the other photos they took”

It is something I will always remember, along with the fact that my wife was very jealous that I got to meet Han Solo and Indiana Jones aka Harrison Ford.