Week 9, WorldSkills Australia (WSA)

This week is a slight departure from my weekly theme. I had a little gap of a couple of weeks ago while shooting this job for WorldSkills Australia over in Perth for the 2014 WSA National Competition. It is a 3 day long national competition which sees competitors from skill and trade based vocations doing battle against each other and themselves for the chance at making the national the team to head to international competition.
I have now had the pleasure of covering this job four times while working with the team at WSA to deliver images for on going media coverage. It’s a pretty wild week, that includes bump in and bump out plus opening ceremony and other pop up items. What I really look forward to is seeing the concentration in the eyes of the competitors, it is a really tough event as they are on full display to the public while completing their tasks. Then it comes to me, while lens can do a great job of getting in close to the action and eyes it is really a matter of me getting in there.
It’s a difficult thing to judge as I never want to disturb anyone but to give me the best angles I need to be in their with them. Over four competitions and eight years of shooting this I can only remember one person getting ago with me. To give you some stats to let you know what kind of strike rate that might be, there has always been between 420 to 500 competitors per event.
That is is around 2000 people I have seen go through the national competition which has always seen me deliver well over 10,000 images each time. As you can imagine the data has also grown over that time and the recent 2014 competition saw me collate and deliver over 14,000 images and just over 250 gig.
All in all it’s a great event and wonderful organization and client who I get to be involved with on many levels to deliver this job. My huge thanks to Simone for her determination and dedication in getting this event going and completed with a calm and composure.

Ultimately a huge thanks to the competitors who allow me to get so up close and personal to deliver the images they love to see after the event.


Plate_02 copy

Plate_03 copy



I’ve just watched this clip from Tedx Jerusalem with Gideon Amichay, it came over The Loop talking about change in your career or in my case change in my career direction while still staying in a creative visual field.
I don’t often get struck with such things but this one really hit a cord with me as I feel I hearing this a lot lately. Even though my book is having success in it’s initial viewing the follow up is proving to be a bit of next step I am not sure how to take and I guess I am fearing that “no,”

So do have a watch if you are a creative or even if you are not and just want some inspiration. What I also take away from this is that once again success is not often achieved overnight. It is often earned over time with experience and knowledge gained along the way.

Week 8, Stairs

Week 8, Stairs. Possibly an easy subject matter they are everywhere and if you walk anywhere and don’t drive from your home garage to your work garage you’d use them everyday of the week. I wanted them to graphic as always and knew I wanted to photograph possibly Australia’s most famous stairs (with a visitor) but not give everything away in doing so. I had a guest with me for some of the images this week which took us back to when we met with me running around and getting lost in subject matter while traveling.






Week 7 Laneways

Week 7 (with a short break) Laneways. I truly loved doing these this week particularly that I am planning on shooting a portrait in one of the lanes as soon as I can. My green lanes just happened to be a bit of a chance find while on a film set but I did wait to be the last to leave location in the rain so I could shoot them. My partner in themes was with me on one of the days this week and was amazed at my knowledge of some of the places around the city. As I am progressing with these themes each week I can see a nice body of work coming together. It may well become a special one off bespoke book. #sydneyphotographer #commercialphotographer #photography #manfrotto #manfrottotripod #canon5d3 #canon #commercialphotography #canonlenses #sydneycommercialphotographer #laneways #lanes