Week 8, Stairs

Week 8, Stairs. Possibly an easy subject matter they are everywhere and if you walk anywhere and don’t drive from your home garage to your work garage you’d use them everyday of the week. I wanted them to graphic as always and knew I wanted to photograph possibly Australia’s most famous stairs (with a visitor) but not give everything away in doing so. I had a guest with me for some of the images this week which took us back to when we met with me running around and getting lost in subject matter while traveling.







Look Up Sydney

I have always loved looking at architecture, I like the shapes, the colour and the statements buildings make. They fill our skylines and create an identity for people to recognize cities. I was in the city on Friday morning so I thought I would point my camera up, which made me think we very rarely do that. We spend most of our time looking at the first 10 meters or so of a building and that’s about it.

So this is my new theme, “Look Up Sydney”


Amenities block the middle structure

This is the second of the amenities blocks built by Platinum Projects Australia. The weather hasn’t been great since the first set of images so I had to wait for some sunshine to complete the middle block, this kind of building can’t be photographed without sun on it as the wooden batons that clad the outside just wouldn’t look good with flat light. The internal colouring of this structure really pops with morning sun shining through it’s dual doors. My last one in this series further along The Grand Parade will be a challenge with where it stands in the park.

Enjoy looking at these images and I will endeavour to complete the third one in the next week.