Week 10 Bridges

Week 10,

Back again with another theme which is becoming an ongoing set of images and work for me.
As a commercial photographer I see the value in images in many ways, most times I see things that clients don’t which is a large part of my job. Showing a client the value of a commercial photographer for there business and how having great visual content can lift there profile and set them apart from competitors.

Content creation is a major part of what I do as a commercial photographer, the digital world is so full of content now with businesses and individuals becoming publishers that the value and quality of what is being delivered has dropped. Investing in your image is one of the most valuable things you can do as a business. If you have a great service or products to sell and you have shot images on your smartphone what do you think that is saying about you. Your headshot should not be a snap at the front door on the way out to the office or from the last wedding party you were involved in nor the last time you were dressed up for the races standing shoulder to shoulder with your friends.

Invest in the services of a commercial photographer, you will be amazed what a trained eye of a professional photographer can deliver for your business. After all your business/image is supposed to be making you a living and if you look like you’ve snapped it yourself it’ll show.




Week 8, Stairs

Week 8, Stairs. Possibly an easy subject matter they are everywhere and if you walk anywhere and don’t drive from your home garage to your work garage you’d use them everyday of the week. I wanted them to graphic as always and knew I wanted to photograph possibly Australia’s most famous stairs (with a visitor) but not give everything away in doing so. I had a guest with me for some of the images this week which took us back to when we met with me running around and getting lost in subject matter while traveling.






Look Up Sydney

Some more in my new series of “Look Up Sydney”. This was a short walk around the city last week looking at just a couple of city blocks where two new buildings dominate the skyline. The new ANZ building is from http://www.fjmt.com.au/projects/projects_cs1.html

It’s a great looking building that is very striking with the morning sun on it, the top of the building looks like a sun collector.

The JP Morgan Building which is also part of the Westfields re-development of Centre Point Tower. The shape gives a feeling of a rocket silo compared to the other square buildings around it. The building was completed by http://www.johnwardlearchitects.com/projects/category/2-office