Week 6 Detail(s)

Week 6 Detail(s) this week was a bit harder or a bit more a thinking subject. I kind of struggled for the first couple of days or more just wondering about how to shoot this subject/theme without going into macro or getting too involved in pattern and repetition. I started thinking of detailed joinery and detail in the execution of structures both natural and built. One thing I do know I have is my own execution of detail in my delivery. The week coming is going to a bit of a free form theme as I am away shooting in Perth for the week. Lets see what a free form week brings and what being in Perth does. #sydneyphotography #commercialphotography #commercialphotographer #manfrotto #canon5D3 #85mm #photography #photographer #canon #primelens #primes #photoproject

Plate_01_1 Plate_02_1 Plate_03_1 Plate_04_1


Week 5 Elevated Perspective

Week 5, Elevated Perspective. This week was interesting, it made me think a lot and not just about shooting images but about what the theme really meant and what it could also mean. It first took me to buildings and the highest places I could find but things just started looking the same. Everyone and everything just looked like ants and the perspective didn’t really change. So I changed my thought process and decided I would do it all from just a single floor up as much as I could. That way the perspective still had some detail about it and it wasn’t just focused on ant like people. My favourite image is the zebra crossing, it is so simple but the light on the day was perfect. The gentle shadows muted on the grey palate of surfaces, I think it will again make it into my book somewhere in the future.  Thanks for looking. MVP
#photography #photographer #sydneyphotographer #perspective #mattvas #manfrotto #canon5D3 #canon #50mm

Plate_01_LR Plate_02_LR Plate_03_LR

Week 4 Reflections.

Week 4. Reflections, I guess it does sound easy especially with another week of wet weather days and puddles everywhere. As it must have interest in the reflection and not just sky/clouds or something else random I tried to not rely on this idea alone. That’s not to say I didn’t spend time walking around with my nose fixed on the ground. As you can see I have only used one image in this style. The idea I worked on the most you can see duplicated in one of my plates. I wanted to do something automotive with the idea as well as keeping the idea simple so the theme would shine. This was achieved with a simple single suction mount and some less than ideal mirror placement! If you look closely you’ll see a hint of my good self which I did on purpose while blinding myself driving down Marrickville Road and firing my flash off at myself throught the steering wheel! Not ideal but sometimes you have to suffer for your art… #photography #DSLR #Reflections #photoassignment #canon5D3 #Manfrotto #Motion #mattvas #mattvasphotoNo.1_Plate_1 No.2_Plate_1 No.3_Plate_1

Week 3 Texture

Week 3. Texture was the subject or theme of the week, with the rain about it did make it a little difficult to get out. I was getting pics sent from a friend on last weeks theme showing his creative mind in his surroundings. Seeing these with the inclement weather I swung by his place for some texture which is why I ended up having two canvases this week.

Earth_Texture_LR Metal_Texture_01_LRI just couldn’t bring the earth and metal shots together. I do like the central image in the metal canvas hence it’s placement, it’s pretty much a stand alone image on texture.

On a meeting note this week, I was at another agency and had a good hour long meeting with another two or three coming up this week.

My book and branding theme does seem to be hitting the mark very well.

Circles and curves

Week 2.

This weeks theme was circles and curves, it’s amazing how many circles and curves you start to see when you are looking. At one point it took me 20 minutes to walk down a few blocks! I did start with a little of the obvious looking at buildings and structures.

From there so many things jumped out at me I actually got to the point of really starting to think about the shape and crafting images that might go beyond this assignment. My two favourite images are kind of buried and small in the top left section (the blue toned) which I think might have life beyond. Again all on an 85mm but some with some more serious image processing to bring the image out that I saw.


The Shade of Blue

I read a lot about always shooting, you must always shoot, be shooting something. Creatives must be creative though sometimes it’s difficult to do so without a theme or brief in mind. So I have gone in house and asked my lovely wife to deliver me a theme or a brief each week for me to deliver too. For me it can either be a single image a collection of images or some sort of visual response. I may even take in motion as it has increasingly been on my radar this year. So my first theme was “The shade of blue” and what a great week to start it, I didn’t want to rely on just the big blue sky but it certainly helped throughout the week. This collection is all in my very local area within walking distance of my front door. It’s amazing what you can find with a single lens and a theme.


A perfect afternoon

It was a perfect afternoon after a great day on the snow I came back to the lodge and everything was just right for some images of the area around Narraburra Lodge up on the hill at Perisher Valley. It was a cold hour out in the last light of the day, not the usual magic hour. It is often cold or warm but being in freezing temperatures in alpine country is not always ideal but it is worth it. Shooting long exposures in these conditions takes a toll on your body and your battery! It was full to start the hour in the outdoors and flashing it’s last clicks of life as darkness fell.IMG_3382 IMG_3387 IMG_3391 IMG_3396 IMG_3398 IMG_3403 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3416 I only wish I could have got the lights on in the games room down below.