I’ve just watched this clip from Tedx Jerusalem with Gideon Amichay, it came over The Loop talking about change in your career or in my case change in my career direction while still staying in a creative visual field.
I don’t often get struck with such things but this one really hit a cord with me as I feel I hearing this a lot lately. Even though my book is having success in it’s initial viewing the follow up is proving to be a bit of next step I am not sure how to take and I guess I am fearing that “no,”

So do have a watch if you are a creative or even if you are not and just want some inspiration. What I also take away from this is that once again success is not often achieved overnight. It is often earned over time with experience and knowledge gained along the way.


Youeni Provides, Darlinghurst

My weekly business meeting that I attend with Business Masterminds has moved once again. We are on a cafe crawl as it was said this week and have ended up at Youeni Provides at Darlinghurst. The room we are using out the back is pretty cool, it was described this morning as the Tuscany room. I only had my small camera on me so capturing the room was a little difficult. What I did photograph was the lovely looking produce and kitchen items that help dress the room to give it it’s feel. I will ask the owner if he/she doesn’t mind me doing some more images in the next few weeks. Until then hope you like this little set of images from my tried and true Canon G7. Oh and you should check out BMM

a fantastic way to expand your thinking on business you should find a meeting and see if it fits you.

Free TV Ad concept

Recently I was walking around my local streets having a bit a look at the houses and mixture of styles. As I was looking I happened to have my camera and a 50mm on me just in case I saw anything to record. Of course there was a few things that caught my eye, most of all was this collection of images that I took in order to make this Ad concept.

Crazy Mountain bike footage

I’ve just seen this on a forum and it just scared and excited me at the same time. Having ridden a bit of cross country in my time and also done some city riding with friends I was very much sitting with the rider as he went down the course. The moments are over so quickly you almost have to go back and watch them again just to make sure you saw what you saw.

Have a watch it’s Amazing…..