How do I become a photographer, it’s a question I have heard throughout my career.  Personally I don’t think you can become a photographer, it is something that you are or you are not. I discovered photography as a 15 year old year 9 student, it was in art class while others were drawing and painting. The connection was made with the camera, a photographer was born a career was started. From that point it was photography or….

Knowing my path early gave me the focus and determination that has shaped my work. I am highly detail oriented and enjoy a solid brief that has a story to photograph. Lighting is key to shaping and creating my imagery on location and in studio using flash and continuous forms of light.

I possess a calm, yet fast paced creative nature. Being an integral part of delivery you can always rely on my involvement in every aspect of the assignment. What I deliver is a creative visual story with essence feeling and emotion to connect the viewer.


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